Christina Heller
XR Production Pioneer and Founding CEO of Metastage

Christina Heller was the founding CEO of Los Angeles-based Metastage, an XR studio that brings performances into digital worlds through volumetric capture and holograms. Since 2014 she has led teams and created projects for virtual and augmented reality and has played a pivotal role in advancing VR content creation, particularly with regards to volumetric capture and authentic human performance for XR and virtual production.

Under her leadership, Metastage completed over 200 productions with major brands and award winning projects, including two Emmy nominations, and has become a beacon for high-quality VR production. Heller herself was named in the Huffington Post as one of five women changing the virtual reality scene, she has contributed to over 120 immersive projects, and her writing and research on volumetric video has been published in multiple textbooks.