Hendrik Witt
Ubimax Founder and CEO - First AR for Warehouse Management

Hendrik Witt, as the co-founder and CEO of Ubimax, has significantly influenced the field of wearable computing and augmented reality in the enterprise sector. As Ubimax CEO Witt was responsible for corporate strategy and product development. In 2014, Ubimax's innovative approach not only improved operational productivity for companies worldwide but also set new benchmarks for the application of AR in industrial environments by being the first to successfully deploy in production AR for warehouse picking, quickly becoming a market leader.

His foresight into the integration of wearable technologies in the workplace helped to propel Ubimax to become a leader for industrial AR solutions that enhance efficiency, precision, and safety across manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance operations. As a result, Ubimax was acquired by TeamViewer in 2020, where Witt took on a leading role responsible for product development of TeamViewer's augmented reality and IoT Solutions.