Getting started with HP Omnicept SDK


Session Description:

Get started developing with the HP Omnicept platform in this two-day workshop! Learn how to utilize the biometric sensors, Cognitive Load inference engine data and other HP enabled features to create adaptive VR experiences driven by a user's natural response in real time. In this workshop, you will complete a development project in Unity and hear from HP Labs research scientists on how cognitive load can be a powerful tool for virtual reality development. All attendees will receive a 90 day free trial (this is an exclusive extended trial for this AWE course) of the HP Omnicept SDK along with access to a hardware simulator to send sensor messages to your application.

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to transform app development using data driven insights from the HP Omnicept platform

  • How to access biometric sensor data like eye gaze, heart rate, and mouth camera images from the Omnicept headset

  • How to enable foveated rendering and HP’s 3D spatial audio for your development

  • What cognitive load means for VR and how it can be used in various industries

Key takeaways & goals

  • Free download and 90-day trial of Omnicept SDK

  • Complete a development project in Unity with HP Omnicept cognitive load inference engine

  • Use HP’s hardware simulator to send sensor messages to your application

  • Access sensor data including eye tracking, heart rate, and mouth camera images

  • Deep dive with HP Labs research scientists on the value of cognitive load and methodologies for integration

  • Discover use-cases for bio-analytics in various industries

  • Enable Nvidia VRS for foveated rendering

  • Use HP 3D Spatial Audio to create realistic virtual sound environments

  • Office hours with the HP XR Omnicept Developer Relations team following the workshop


  • Basic developer experience suggested - but not required

  • SteamVR compatible VR headset

  • Must have access to Unity and a strong enough PC to build

  • Optional: RTX graphics card required for foveated rendering

Who should take this workshop?

  • Small to large studios / businesses

  • Individual developers

  • Independent and studio-associated app developers

  • XR content creators

Unmatched instructors & resources:

  • Hear from industry experts and the team that created the HP Omnicept SDK and inference engine

  • Work with HP XR developers to create a sample project in Unity utilizing sensor data from HP Omnicept

  • Discuss your use cases and applications with HP Labs research scientist

  • Gain access to a 90-day extended trial of the HP Omnicept SDK and hardware simulator

  • Optional one-on-one follow up sessions with your instructors to review your development work and provide feedback

Your instructors

XR Developer Advocate
HP Inc.

Research Scientist, Omnicept AI
HP Inc.

XR Developer Advocate
HP Inc.