Dennis Bonilla
Co-Founder & CTO Baltu Studios

Dennis Bonilla is the Chief Technology Officer for Baltu Technologies, Immersive Media Systems advisor for the XR Safety Initiative, and adjunct faculty at Arizona State University. At Baltu, Mr. Bonilla oversees the development of a platform to dramatically reduce training time for the future workforce. At the XR Safety Initiative Dennis provides insight and guidance regarding XR industry best practices and currently co-chairs the XRSI Privacy Framework v1.1 working group. Serving as adjunct faculty in the school of Arts, Media, and Engineering at ASU, Mr. Bonilla instructs students on how to develop interactive systems to create joy, develop community, and better understand the world around them. With 20 years of experience, Dennis has helped create data visualization software and decision support systems for NASA and other U.S. agencies and served in roles supporting committees advising U.S. President Barack Obama about options for future human space flight. Dennis regularly collaborates with cutting edge companies and university research labs as a technology subject matter expert.


Nov 11

09:30 AM - 09:55 AM

Mission City Ballroom
Main Stage

Metaverse Privacy, Security & Safety in the Era of Constant Reality Capture

Kristina Podnar | NativeTrust Consulting LLC

Kavya Pearlman | XR Safety Initiative

Dennis Bonilla | Baltu Studios