Carmen Costa
Graphic Designer Madhouse Productions

Carmen Costa is a senior Graphic Designer licensed in Plastic Arts and Design, Illustration and 3D modeling. She is the leader of the Entertainment Development Department since 2018 at Madhouse Productions. From that area, she and her team develop different and original experiences for

brands such as LEGO, Cartoon Network, The Smurfs, HBO (Game of Thrones) and (of course) Marvel. Some of their recent projects include exhibitions, escape rooms, VR games, parkour areas or even giant arcade machines!


Nov 9

02:15 PM - 03:10 PM

Mission City Ballroom
Main Stage

Marvel Mission: Escape Rooms

Amy Peck | EndeavorXR

Carmen Costa | Madhouse Productions

Brian Crosby | Marvel Entertainment, LLC

David PĂ©rez Balaguer | Madhouse Productions

Mikey Trujillo | Marvel Entertainment, LLC