Simon Quiroz
Filmmaker / Educator University of Texas at Austin

Simon Quiroz is an independent filmmaker, educator, post-production expert, actor and avid technologist living in Austin, Texas. Simon’s interests and projects expand to the development and inclusion of innovative technology to challenge convention in storytelling, define forms of production, post – production and ultimately serve as a mechanism to reach and speak to diverse audiences. Simon is a storyteller first and technologist second. As an underrepresented voice in the film and entertainment industry Simon aims to tell stories that exalt his background and heritage, combining technology and storytelling to build on and retain opportunities for the forward diversification and exploration of these.


Nov 10

04:35 PM - 05:00 PM

Grand Ballroom D
Retail, eCommerce & Advertising

Reimagining the College Campus Visit - Bringing AR Storytelling to Marketing

Erin Reilly | University of Texas at Austin

Simon Quiroz | University of Texas at Austin