Axel Schnaller
CTO MXR Tactics

Axel Schnaller discovered his passion for technology in his early years. He started a technical School at the age of 15 with the special field “mechanical engineering”. After a few years working as a product-, project manager and managing engineer in the steel and lighting industry, he founded his first company Apcom Lights at the age of 24. This company was the base of all later research and development projects and grew during the years to the ASTC – Axel Schnaller Technology Consulting company, his main technology company until today. He also worked as a business unit manager and as head of technology for huge companies around the world. After he met Richard Hirschhuber 2018, he could allure him for a second company the Fanclip GmbH. During the time, Richard and Axel founded the MXR Tactics company, which both lead as founders and as CEO & CTO.


He is sure, they created a unique Mixed Reality solution, which is completly new in the market. A Training- and Analyzing Application with unique and flexible Hardware for the defense and private security sector. The newest AI Integrations create complete new realistic trainings possibilities.


Nov 10

11:50 AM - 12:15 PM

Grand Ballroom B
Remote Collaboration, Training & Education

AI based MXR training & virtual surgery powered by XR streaming

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