XR & Ethics: A Survey of Ethical Engagement Practices in Action

Jun 2

10:00 AM - 10:55 AM


Brought to you by XR Guild, this panel is a cross-section of AR and XR teams using a mix of technologies for immersive play, immediate information, real-time training and augmentation of the workforce. Whether the use cases are public or private, the inquiries we engage when creating new AR and XR experiences are quite similar:

* How do we engage a process of transparency and informed consent when sharing data?
* Where do individuals and collaborative teams need insight into where data is shared or used?
* How do we effectively communicate how data is used in research and development of new tools?
* Where do we engage conversations around ethics, privacy, data sharing, identity and policy together across our industries?
* How do generative tools and AI fit into our ideas of informed data sharing and consent with attribution?
* What role can the public and the creative industries play in shaping a more cohesive and meaningful immersive and interactive experience for the public? Where are the gaps in that experience today?
* When there are disagreements between companies, nations or industry perspectives, how are these decisions being made today, and how can we be doing this work more effectively together?

This panel will feature some of the specialists and speakers from the board and leadership of XR Guild, subject to their availability (and ensuring that these are not repeats from other panels or talks). Evo Heyning will moderate this panel with a diverse mix of AR/XR voices contributing.


Creative Creative Officer , ARound
Co-founder / CEO , Mixx Reality
AR/VR Program Director , Amber
CEO , Realitycraft

Related Sessions

Jun 2

09:00 AM - 09:55 AM


XR technologies present several opportunities to harness its capabilities to create a better world. This means building technological processes, infrastructure and services, discovering safe protocols and using the technologies to prevent harm to humans and societies.

XRSI is working together with many organizations to build some of these protocols and going as far as ensuring trust remains at the center of it. The panel will discuss various multidisciplinary aspects of ongoing research and development efforts that have significant impact on Public Safety. The panel brings together experts from Federal agencies like FBI, Standard Developing Organization like XRSI, and global non profit Cyber Bytes Foundation, each sharing their vision and contributions on how their collective efforts are helping shape the future and safeguards citizens in the US and worldwide.


XR Learning Design Consultant, Public Safety , Mindset | Learning Design
Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) , FBI
Director of Operations , Cyber Bytes Foundation
Founder & CEO , XR Safety Initiative
Jun 2

11:00 AM - 11:25 AM


Theft, hacks, and phishing scams have been an issue since Web2 first existed. The problem is exacerbated in Web3 because there are so many additional vulnerabilities with smart contracts and digital wallets. The main difference between Web3 and Web2 personal security? In Web3, it only takes a single click to lose everything you own.

As businesses from gaming and entertainment industries to enterprise and DeFi platforms actively explore Web3 payment processes and currency options, the question becomes – who is responsible for protecting the user’s assets? Is it the individual or the brand? Spoiler Alert: both are. Individuals need to be savvy about the risks and businesses and brands should innovate responsibility, making built-in security frameworks a priority. Brittany Mier y Teran, Head of Business Development for Harpie, hopes to bridge the gap, sharing best practices and strategies for how brands and individuals can make safer decisions while trading, gaming, and interacting in the digital age. This talk will discuss the most common risk factors for personal asset security in Web3 – from social engineering and payload app scams to website hijacking and phishing to simple human error and social media misinformation.


Head of Business Development , Harpie
Jun 2

11:45 AM - 12:40 PM


Extended reality (XR) environments are made possible by multiple sensors and technical processes acting in concert to process a diverse array of data about the user and their surrounding environment. These data flows power the functions that enable immersive experiences, but can raise privacy and data protection concerns for both users and bystanders. In this presentation, we will analyze:

1. What these data flows look like and identity where privacy issues may emerge, such as how applications of artificial intelligence (AI), including generative AI, can contribute to these challenges by enabling manipulation and inferences about sensitive user information; and

2. Draw attention to how existing and future privacy and data protection laws may interact with XR technologies.

To help the audience understand these privacy issues, we will make use of a new FPF infographic that visualizes the kinds of sensors, data types, data processing, and transfers that can enable use cases that XR may support.


Counsel , Atlantic Council
Policy Counsel , Future of Privacy Forum
Jun 2

12:45 PM - 01:10 PM


Join us for an illuminating fireside chat with Christopher Lafayette and Emmy Award Winning Journalist Lisa Bernard. They will venture into the dynamic world of the Metaverse, more specifically, Christopher’s brainchild, GatherVerse.

As a vanguard of virtual reality and a visionary in emerging technologies, Christopher Lafayette has dedicated his career to building bridges between humanity and the digital universe. His pioneering work with GatherVerse demonstrates a profound commitment to creating inclusive, accessible, and ethically-conscious digital spaces. In this discussion, he will share his thoughts on how we can foster a more equitable Metaverse that respects privacy and promotes wellness.

Renowned for her incisive interviewing style, Lisa Bernard will engage Christopher in a deep dive into the myriad considerations that inform the development of a human-centric Metaverse. Their conversation will explore ethics, AI, and the importance of striking a balance between technological advancement and human values.

In this era of rapid technological evolution, safety, privacy, and accessibility remain paramount. Christopher and Lisa will shed light on these critical issues, drawing on their extensive experience to offer valuable insights for the benefit of our digital community.

Whether you're an educator striving to harness the power of the Metaverse for learning or a technologist keen to ensure the ethical deployment of AI, this fireside chat promises to deliver thought-provoking perspectives and actionable insights.

Join us at AWE to learn how we can shape the Metaverse to uphold the tenets of community development, equity, and education while meeting the technological demands of our future.

Don't miss this opportunity to join the conversation with two industry thought-leaders as they explore the crucial intersection of humanity and emerging technologies in building a human-centric Metaverse.


Founder , GatherVerse
Host/Producer , GatherVerse