Tricia Blake
Social Media Lead XR Women

Tricia is a Change Practitioner at the City of Toronto and an Afro-Futurist who is an insatiably curious about all things XR and metaverse related. She strongly believes there is immense potential in utilizing technology and innovation to broadly serve and empower underrepresented communities in the areas of wellness and education. She serves as a board director for a local based charity in Toronto, Ontario, Canada called Courage in Action, is an Executive Producer for the Empowered in My Skin Podcast and is on the leadership team as the social media lead for the XR Women global community.

Tricia is an advocate for accessible education for all and for empowering at-risk-youth, women and children. Giving back to her community is her passion and she was recognized by the Government of Canada and the province of Ontario for her outstanding volunteer achievement.