Rebecca Evans
XR Producer & Director Dimension Adventures

Rebecca Evans is a producer, director, and strategist whose creative work integrates in-person and virtual dimensions. Building on her background in mobile software Project Management with Google, Rebecca has lectured at conferences and Universities and produced transmedia pieces, 360 films, VR games, and hackathons. Furthering a passion for interactive performance, she's created, built, and produced multiple original, award-nominated Virtual Reality shows where the audience (in person, in world and streaming) plays a part in the narrative. Utilizing lenses of shifting realities, her pieces are designed to bring people together and delight in breaking invisible boundaries to self-expression and immediacy. No matter what we create, let’s utilize these tools and research to make our physical worlds better and our experiences more fulfilling.


Jun 2

10:00 AM - 10:55 AM


Avatars, Environments & Self-Expression - from Social VR to Cross-Reality Experiences

Stephanie Riggs | Ink & Paint

Dulce Baerga | Dulce Dotcom

Eugy Han | Stanford University

Rebecca Evans | Dimension Adventures