Piers Fawkes
Founder, President PSFK

Piers Fawkes is the founder of PSFK, a leading research company in the innovation of retail and customer experience. With a passion for the intersection of technology and human behavior, Piers has been at the forefront of exploring the potential of Extended Reality (XR) in shaping the future of retail and customer experiences.

As a host at the AWE conference, Piers will bring his expertise on the latest trends and insights in the field of Spatial Computing, including augmented, virtual and mixed teality, and enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence, bio-interfaces, haptics, 5G, streaming, and more. With PSFK's IQ and other services, Piers provides valuable knowledge and resources to businesses seeking to understand the future of retail and customer experience, and the role that XR and other technologies will play in shaping this future.

Attendees at the AWE conference can expect Piers to help connect the dots between talks, exploring the latest developments and trends in spatial computing and the potential impact on the retail and customer experience landscape.