Anwer Sadath K K
VP - Engineering Travancore Analytics

Anwer Sadath, Vice President of Travancore Analytics, has been managing, developing, and maintaining a wide range of software solutions for large and small enterprises for the past 21 years. As VP of Engineering, he has been leading a dynamic and energetic team of software developers and designers focused on providing technology/business solutions for customers like Intel, Capital One, Quintar, Voke, etc. Anwer has led a team of 150+ people in the delivery of software products, projects, and technical operations. He also leads Travancore Analytics; Extended Reality team of 40+ people. He is an expert in technologies such as VR, AR, IoT, Android, Windows, Phone Gap, jQuery, HTML5, MySQL, Objective C, Java, C++, Mongo DB, Angular JS, and many more. He has worked on projects in a variety of areas, including healthcare, education, media streaming, social media, sales and marketing, and sports.


Jun 1

02:30 PM - 02:55 PM


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Anwer Sadath K K | Travancore Analytics

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