John Gaeta
CCO Inworld AI

John Gaeta is a legendary Creator / Designer / Inventor who is best known for his Academy Award winning work on original The Matrix Trilogy. He has a history of conceiving and developing emergent forms of content, approaches and experiences spawning a spectrum of first of kind immersive formats such as Bullet Time, Universal Capture (aka Volcap), HoloCinema, Magicverse and more. 

John has led creative innovation for companies such as Lucasfilm/Disney (as Co Founder/Executive Creative Director of ILMxLAB x Star Wars Immersive Entertainment), Microsoft/Analog Labs (incubating NUI for proto Hololens), Magic Leap (as SVP of Creative Strategy). In 2021, John Gaeta was creative executive producer on Epic Games’ The Matrix Awakens, a UE5 Experience, appeared in The Matrix Resurrections and Executive Creative produced the groundwork multi format development for a future Animatrix_2.0. In 2022, John co founded “mirrorworld” venture LivingCities with ar-social platform pioneers Matt Miesnieks ( and Dennis Crowley (Foursquare) and most recently has taken the role of Chief Creative Officer of Inworld AI pursuing state of the art AI powered minds and emotive personas within real time virtual characters.


Jun 1

02:30 PM - 03:15 PM


Inworld Origins, AI NPCs from an Academy Award Winning Creator on The Matrix

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