Lesley Klassen
CEO and Co-Founder Flipside XR

Lesley has worked in virtual reality since 2013 and has directed, designed, and produced over a dozen virtual reality apps and experiences. He applies his background in improv theatre, film production, and interactive directing to the company’s development of apps that empower creators to make every room a stage.

Along with Flipside XR, Lesley has worked with high-profile customers like SuperRTL, Caffeine Studios, a joint venture with 21st Century Fox, and Bento Box Entertainment in their efforts to explore VR as a production medium.

Lesley’s current passion is exploring new immersive show formats that target multiple audiences simultaneously.


Jun 1

04:35 PM - 05:30 PM


Creating Beyond the Metaverse: Innovations in Design, Collaboration, and Storytelling

Inga Petryaevskaya | ShapesXR

Johan Hanegraaf | Arkio

Kiira Benzing | Double Eye Studios

Lesley Klassen | Flipside XR