Caroline Dennis
Disruptive Industry Agent

Caroline is a Disruptive Industry Agent and founder of, a consulting practice for startup founders and organizations to grow and scale market share across a breadth of adjacent industries. Her practice centers around curating actionable ways for engaging industry communities, companies, and leaders to align market fit and grow product customer base. This work is leveraged by her nearly three decades of experience in entrepreneurship, technology, healthcare, and higher education.

Caroline brings a breadth of expertise as an industry catalyst in web3, Blockchain, XR, Precision Medicine, and Cybersecurity drawing from over a decade working in Institutional Advancement for Yale School of Medicine, Brigham & Women's Hospital, and Museum of New Mexico; successfully building and selling a IT Security Services firm and a wireless Internet company; building digital accelerated learning and mentoring programs at two universities, and serving on countless technology and economic development boards, hackathons, and events for three decades.

When she is not consulting with clients, she serves as a startup advisor for two Blockchain education companies, is part of the planning team for the XR Women community, is a member of the VRARA, and is a virtual co-host for The Next Evolution monthly meetup by VRAR Chicago.

She stays active in the Blockchain community since serving on the Boston Blockchain Association’s advisory board. Her passion for global health equity, “coopetition” in web3 (a term championed by global Blockchain expert Dr. Alex Cahana), sustainable AI, XR, and diversity and inclusion is what drives her insatiable appetite for tackling tough challenges, learning, and serving.