Lauren Lemieux
Founder Mostly Misfits

Lauren Lemieux is a leading marketer in the XR and AI technology spaces, dedicated to helping businesses explore new frontiers in brand and product communication, education, training, XR-commerce, and enterprise solutions. Drawing on her extensive experience in marketing and advertising, Lauren offers a unique and innovative approach to solving her clients' most pressing challenges. With a proven track record of working with top global brands and startups across a wide range of industries, Lauren is dedicated to helping her clients harness the power of immersive technology to create transformative experiences that drive growth and success with Mostly Misfits. In addition to her expertise in XR technology, Lauren has recently taken on a pivotal role at Synthetaic, leading their marketing initiatives. With her guidance, users will see how they can effortlessly create AI applications in a matter of minutes rather than months, thanks to Synthetaic's revolutionary RAIC (Rapid Automatic Image Categorization) technology—representing the true essence of AI's capabilities. Since entering the XR space Lauren has been recognized with Leadership Excellence in Technology and Entrepreneur of the Year.