Robin Moulder
CEO 3lbXR & 3lb Games

Robin is an entrepreneur, producer, and musician innovating on the cutting edge of immersive game development and storytelling. As a pioneer of Virtual Reality, Robin led 3lb Games into the XR space with the galactic planet-destroying game Space Dragon, the highly rated Movement system for Oculus, Slime Rancher VR Playground, the thought provoking story adventure Vault of Stars (Oculus Launch Pad recipient), then leveraged this experience to partner with XR Workout to create a gamified, mixed reality, hand-tracking, full body workout in XR. 

Robin is a recognized authority in the realm of spatial computing and has dedicated her career to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the immersive computing landscape. She has also released several albums and EPs, toured with major national acts, and is the audio designer and composer for numerous game titles.

3lb is currently developing Grokit, a mixed reality hand-tracking multiplayer game designed to use natural interactions to create the most immersive gameplay. Later this year, 3lb is launching GroKit Core, an AI and Spatial Computing development platform built off of years of game development.


Jun 2

09:30 AM - 09:55 AM