Tahnee Gehm
Lead BrightEye Studios

Tahnee Gehm is an art director, visionary and animator. Currently working with industry leaders in VR to craft fun immersive experiences, she has also greatly enjoyed making strangers connect over her AR projects with RC Kaiju (RC-controlled AR monsters that fight), Community gARden (allowing people to design a garden together), and bringing delight into homes with her CoastARs (AR-enabled drink coasters). With a background in leading motion graphics for advertising and winning awards (along with an Annie nomination) for her animated films, her 2D character animation background from CalArts informs all of her creative philosophies. She loves exploring and pushing the boundaries of AR!


Jun 2

02:35 PM - 03:30 PM


Shortcuts for Indie AR Devs

Tahnee Gehm | BrightEye Studios

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