Craig Douglass
CEO Contact CI

Craig Douglass is Co-Founder of Contact CI and has been CEO of the company since 2015, during which Craig has been focused on enabling an extension of the hand's sense of touch in a way that unlocks spatial computing's highest potential as a 3-sense-immersive platform. Contact CI first began in the "Oculus awakening era" of the VR industry during the founding team's undergrad years at Syracuse University. Since then, while headquartered in Craig’s hometown of Cincinnati, Contact CI has been building Multi-Force Ergonomic Haptics for truly compellingly tangible VR, AR, and telerobotic hands-on interactions.

After first publicly debuting the VR haptic interactions of Maestro at E3 2016, Maestro EP was launched as Contact CI’s leading haptic interface for VR enterprise applications alongside a growing team at CES 2023. During his time leading the Contact CI team and growing the business, Craig has raised investment backing from prominent VR/AR industry insiders and venture capitalists, built partnerships with organizations like the USAF and Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and engaged in actively evangelizing the benefits of haptics for their real impact within applications ranging from Hard-Skills Simulation Trainings through VR gaming activities.

Craig also co-founded CincinnatiVR in 2016 to help foster the local communities of VR /AR.

Alongside his working endeavors, Craig is an avid friend of the great outdoors, enjoys skiing, playing team sports (primarily basketball and lacrosse), going to see a movie or a musical at the theaters, attending live music concerts, and loudly rooting on the Cincinnati Bengals and Syracuse Orange. Essentially, in all things Craig seeks out the most immersive and engaging way to be present in how he spends his time.


Jun 2

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