Elizabeth Rothman
Advisor | Senior Legal Affairs & Digital Trust Advisor XR Safety Initiative

Elizabeth Rothman, XRSI’s Senior Legal Affairs and Digital Trust Advisor, is a pioneering attorney and thought leader at the intersection of law and cutting-edge technology. Her extensive legal experience spanning over a decade encompasses fields such as intellectual property, contracts, healthcare, and the ever-advancing technological landscape. Central to her philosophy is the promotion of human-centric technology, advocating for innovation that champions ethical considerations, user safety, and inclusivity.

Elizabeth is a sought-after advisor for businesses, investment funds, and policymakers navigating the complex terrain of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and extended reality technologies. Her current affiliations are a testament to her leadership in this space; she serves as an advisor for the Artificial Inventor Project and the Cantellus Group. Beyond this, Elizabeth is on the Board of Directors for the Metaverse Standards Forum representing XRSI, and, drawing upon her intellectual property acumen, is an instructor for Harvard Law School and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in a specialized certificate program centering on patent law’s intersection with global public health.

Elizabeth’s unique strength is rooted in her intellectual curiosity and relentless commitment to learning and bridging often disparate disciplines within the vast realm of technology.


Jun 1

01:00 PM - 01:55 PM


Building Open Standards for the Metaverse

Elizabeth Rothman | XR Safety Initiative

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