Lydia Berry
Chief Operations Officer The Fitness Resort

Making a way for business to grow is our tag line for a reason. Being able to come in with fresh eyes, survey the current situation and see the best way forward is something our Founder Lydia has developed over the years. The Waymaker Way offers businesses practical, logical, strategic and realistic changes that will directly impact the bottom line.

The first thing you’ll notice when you have a conversation with us is our generosity with our knowledge and expertise. We do that because we’re passionate about seeing businesses reach their full potential. That happens best when we share what we’ve learned on our journey. Delivering considered, unique support and forming a strong, practical partnership with you is at the heart of The Waymaker Way.

We match your dedication to your business’ future by giving you the support, tools and expertise to make it happen. We’re committed to building a strong community of successful, inspired business owners.


May 31

01:25 PM - 01:50 PM


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Lydia Berry | The Fitness Resort