Scott LaForge
Chief Product Officer ForgeFX Simulations

A trailblazing leader with over a decade of experience in software development, adept at crafting innovative training experiences that utilize emerging technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Demonstrated success in developing 3D custom training simulations for industry giants such as Oshkosh, Komatsu, MRIGlobal, GE Healthcare and Pfizer. Concentrating on military training solutions that skillfully integrate Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, adaptive environments, and immersive multiuser scenarios for accessible, cost-effective, and life-saving training, most recently for JPEO-Sensors, JPEO-CBRND, and JPM CBRN SOF.

As Chief Product Officer of ForgeFX, Scott LaForge is focused on ensuring that the company's products meet the needs and expectations of its customers. This includes identifying and evaluating new product opportunities, defining and prioritizing product features and functionality, and overseeing the development and launch of new products and updates.

To achieve these goals, Scott works closely with the engineering, design, and marketing teams to conduct market research, gather customer feedback, and analyze market trends. He uses this information to develop and refine ForgeFX's product roadmap and to identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

Scott also plays a key role in building and maintaining relationships with key partners and stakeholders, including customers, and industry experts. He works to understand their needs and challenges and to develop products that address these needs. Additionally, he helps to foster a culture of customer-centricity within the company, encouraging all employees to prioritize the customer experience in their work.


May 31

02:25 PM - 02:50 PM


Designing, Developing, Deploying, and Supporting Augmented Reality-Based CBRN Device Training Simulators

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Scott LaForge | ForgeFX Simulations