Scarlett Kim
Director of Innovation & Strategy Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Scarlett Kim (she/her) is a diasporic Korean artist, curator-producer and innovation leader committed to radical paradigm shifts and unclassifiable experiences at the intersection of art, community, and emerging technology. Powered by a collective impact approach, Scarlett builds hybrid and intersectional futures with marginalized voices at the center. 

As Director of Innovation & Strategy at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Scarlett champions artists as thought leaders and chief architects of futures, helming projects across XR/VR/AR, film, game, location-based and browser-based experiences, immersive/interactive endeavors, Web3 explorations, and beyond. Scarlett oversees Quills Fest, an international festival dedicated to supporting trailblazing new work at the intersection of live performance and immersive technology, and has led innovative partnerships with Park Avenue Armory, Museum of Other Realities, VAST, Games for Change, Stellar, CRUX, and Glow Up Games. 

Scarlett previously served as Artistic Director of The Mortuary, a performance laboratory hosting unclassifiable experiments spanning Korean shaman rituals, chamber orchestras, and experimental larps. At CultureHub, a global art and technology studio with networked centers in LA, NYC, Italy, Korea and Indonesia, Scarlett oversaw artistic programming of the LA studio, spearheading Re-Fest, an annual art + technology + activism festival. Other recent collaborators include REDCAT, East West Players, Prague Quadrennial, Australia Council for the Arts, Los Angeles Performance Practice, Korea Foundation, UCLA Game Lab, Chilean National Council of Culture & Arts, La MaMa Umbria. MFA, Directing, CalArts. BA, Theatre & Performance Studies and Visual Arts, University of Chicago. 


Jun 2

10:10 AM - 11:05 AM


Virtual Theatre: The Metaverse Smashes the Four Walls

Pip Brignall | The Round

Scarlett Kim | Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Kiira Benzing | Double Eye Studios

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