Chris Rojas
Co-Founder & CTO Shader

Chris Rojas is the Co-founder of Shader, an app that allows users to create AR effects using AI. At his previous role, Chris spent 3+ years at Oculus/Meta on the AR Design Team as a Senior Product Design Prototyper and Prototyping Manager creating augmented reality UX prototypes and designs for Project Nazare (AR Glasses) and next gen AR glasses products.

Previously, at Microsoft he prototyped AR UX for the first Hololens on the Principal Design Team. In 2016 Chris helped raise capital, prototyped UX, and manage the prototyping team for the Y-Combinator backed AR headset startup also named Meta (not Facebook). Over the past decade Chris created real-time visuals for a number of musicians like Steve Aoki, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Phantogram, and others. In 2010 Chris helped launch iLuminate by prototyping light up choreographable dance suits that were showcased on America’s Got Talent and later worn by the Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Death Cab For Cutie, and other pop stars. Chris has also built interactive art installations using massive LED walls, floors and ceilings at Intel's HQ and 2018 CES performance. In Seattle he created visuals for Seattle's largest projection mapping to date at Pier86.

Chris is a strong advocate for open source projects, an open metaverse and interoperability. While at Meta he created and organized the Metaverse Interoperability working group which gathered C-level support and spanned beyond Meta's Family of Apps and Products by working with existing Open Standards experts inside and outside the company.

In his previous career, Chris was an embedded photojournalist in Iraq with an independent PBS show, and has contributed as an independent photojournalist to multiple local independent media companies, the ACLU, and local law firms that represent activists and social justice leaders in the community.


Jun 1

02:05 PM - 03:20 PM


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