Jeremy Bailenson
Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford and Strivr Founder

Jeremy Bailenson founded the Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) at Stanford University in 2003, which focused on the psychology of virtual reality and its implications for social communication. His early work at VHIL established him as a pioneer in understanding how VR environments can influence human behavior, learning, and interaction.

As the founder of Strivr, a company specializing in VR training and performance improvement solutions, Bailenson has significantly impacted the way organizations train employees, enhancing learning outcomes through immersive VR experiences. His collaboration with major sports teams and Fortune 500 companies has demonstrated the practical applications of VR beyond entertainment, into realms like education, healthcare, and workforce development.

Bailenson’s contributions extend beyond academia and business; he is an influential voice in the ethics of virtual environments, advocating for responsible use of VR technology and highlighting the technology’s applications for social good. His ongoing research and development work continues to explore the boundaries of virtual human interaction.