Yaakov Amitai
Waveguides Technologies Pioneer and Lumus Founder

Yaakov Amitai, the luminary behind Lumus Ltd., revolutionized AR optics with technology enabling clear, wide-field views through transparent lenses that have long been considered best-in-class in terms of their quality and field of view. After founding the company in 2000, he guided Lumus in creating displays that blend seamlessly into everyday eyewear, supporting applications from military aviation to medical navigation.

Amitai was not only the inventor of the partially reflective technology of Lumus, but also a pioneer in diffractive planar elements. With multiple patents to his name, including for near-to-eye display systems based on diffractive substrate-guided elements, as well as for two-dimensional expansion inside a substrate layer, his work secures him as a leader in the field of waveguide technology. He was also the first person to come up with the idea of combining a few substrates together to transfer an RGB image.

Amitai's journey through science and optics, from his postdoctoral research at Stanford to founding roles at Oorym and Beamus, reflects a deep commitment to pushing the boundaries of AR. Lumus' optical solutions, marked by significant milestones from military use to partnerships for mass production, underscore Amitai's pivotal role in advancing AR towards practical, widespread use.