Neal Stephenson
Visionary Author, Coined the Term “Metaverse” in Snow Crash

Neal Stephenson, the visionary author behind "Snow Crash," coined the term "metaverse" in 1992, predicting the rise of a virtual reality-based Internet. His work spans speculative fiction and includes significant contributions to technology and philosophy.

Stephenson's roles across the spatial computing industry have varied from Chief Futurist at Magic Leap to co-founder of the blockchain project Lamina1, showcasing his influence on both literary and technological landscapes. 

Best known for "Snow Crash," Stephenson provided a critical look at the potential future of the Internet, virtual reality, and their impact on society. His foresight into virtual worlds and digital currencies has cemented his status as a pivotal figure in shaping our understanding of the potentials of the digital age. His other novels, such as “The Diamond Age” presages AI as a foundation to learning, and “Cryptonomicon” similarly for cryptography and digital currency.