Jay Wright
Vuforia Founder at Qualcomm, Campfire Founder

Jay Wright has been building his vision for future computing platforms for more than 25 years.

Known for co-founding Vuforia at Qualcomm in 2009, Wright propelled Vuforia into the most widely used AR development platform for handheld and headworn devices. It was the first platform to reach one million developers, foster a vast ecosystem of applications across consumer and enterprise sectors, and popularize AR more than any other platform before 2015.

Notably, Wright's creation of Vuforia Chalk, a tool for remote assistance described as the "future of education, service, and support," demonstrates his vision for AR's practical applications. In 2018, Wright embarked on a new venture with Campfire, aiming to revolutionize holographic collaboration for design and engineering, further showcasing his innovative spirit and dedication to advancing AR technologies.