Avi Bar-Zeev
Pioneer of Spatial Computing for Disney, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple

Avi Bar-Zeev, a stalwart of the XR industry for over three decades, has made profound contributions in technology and UX design. As the co-inventor of the HoloLens AR headset and a key figure in shaping Amazon Echo Frames and then the Apple Vision Pro, his impact on spatial computing is undeniable. Other notable achievements include launching Disney’s Aladdin VR ride in the 90s, crafting Second Life’s core technology, and co-founding and designing the core UX for Keyhole (later renamed Google Earth).

As a consultant and public advocate, he continues to champion ethical practices and positive outcomes in XR, notably through initiatives like The XR Guild. Bar-Zeev's consultancy, RealityPrime, has provided invaluable expertise to numerous AR/VR projects. With a diverse portfolio spanning hardware projects, board-level and advisory roles, Bar-Zeev continues to drive innovation and promote responsible practices across the XR landscape.