Stan Honey
Inventor of Football’s ‘Yellow Line’ and AR Sports Visualization Pioneer

Stan Honey is renowned for revolutionizing sports broadcasting and has made significant contributions to augmented reality in sports. At SRI, he developed technology that seamlessly integrates virtual graphics with live sporting events, enhancing viewer understanding.

With his company Sportvision, he invented the technology that displays the first-down line in American Football TV coverage (first used in September 1998), along with "glowing" hockey pucks, baseball strikes, and the real-time "player cards" in international football (soccer) coverage. His innovations extended to the America's Cup, where he introduced AR graphics that made complex sailing strategies and race dynamics clear to audiences worldwide.

Honey's pioneering work in sports visualization has significantly impacted how fans engage with live sports, and not only set new standards for broadcasting but also demonstrated AR's potential to transform the viewer experience.