Louis Rosenberg
Haptics Pioneer, MR Pioneer, VR & AI Consumer Advocate

Louis Rosenberg is a transformative figure in VR, AR, and AI, with over 300 patents to his name. He founded Immersion Corp in 1993, which revolutionized haptic technology, and led it to a successful IPO in 1999. As a professor at Cal Poly, he shaped the minds of future engineers and entrepreneurs. In 2014, Rosenberg founded Unanimous AI, pioneering Swarm Intelligence for group decision-making.

Rosenberg's early research into mixed reality for the US Air Force from 1991-1994 involved the development of the Virtual Fixtures platform at Wright Patterson AFB. The system allowed people to engage with real objects and virtual objects in mixed 3D environments, enabling believable interactions between them. The goal was to prove that "virtual fixtures" could be added to real-world tasks like augmented surgery and enhance human performance. This early research produced some of Rosenberg's most highly cited papers.

His diverse contributions span VR simulators, haptic devices, 3D digitizers, and augmented reality systems, fundamentally shaping the landscape of immersive technologies for over three decades. A vocal advocate for safe metaverse tech, Rosenberg serves as Chief Scientist for the Responsible Metaverse Alliance.