Bruno Uzzan
CEO and Founder of Total Immersion - the World’s First AR Software Company

Bruno Uzzan co-founded the world’s first augmented reality software company Total Immersion in 1999, and has been instrumental in propelling AR into the mainstream since. His vision for Total Immersion was to create immersive, interactive digital experiences that blend seamlessly with the real world.

Under Uzzan's leadership, the company pioneered AR solutions for a range of platforms, including live events, and over webcam. These solutions touched various sectors from the first virtual try on glasses on the web for retail, to the first augmented reality baseball cards. Uzzan’s work showcased the versatility and potential of real-time interactive 3D graphics integrated into live video streams.

His innovative approach to AR has not only helped to advance the field but also laid the groundwork for future applications of AR technology, demonstrating its transformative impact on how users interact with digital content.