Tony Parisi
VRML and glTF Co-Creator, WebGL and WebVR Pioneer

Tony Parisi, a pivotal figure in virtual reality and the metaverse for over three decades, has helped to fundamentally change how we engage with digital environments. As a co-creator of the virtual reality Modeling Language (VRML), Parisi laid the groundwork for 3D graphics and was one of the original designers of glTF (GL Transmission Format), which had an even more profound impact on the industry than VRML. glTF has become the standard "JPEG of 3D," enabling efficient, robust, and interoperable 3D asset delivery—critical for streamlining the exchange and rendering of 3D graphics across various platforms and devices.

His work also helped to propell the development of WebGL and WebVR, standards crucial for immersive web experiences and interactive virtual spaces accessible via browsers. As a key player from VRML's inception to his strategic roles in evolving WebGL and WebVR, Parisi's contributions have been instrumental in integrating 3D environments into standard web browsers, significantly enhancing user interaction with digital content. His leadership at Lamina1, various influential publications, and his tenure at Unity working to advance 3D content creation have furthered the accessibility and efficiency of 3D graphics across platforms, cementing his legacy in the XR community.