Blair MacIntyre
Pioneer of Mobile AR Games and Entertainment, WebAR

Blair MacIntyre embarked on his augmented reality journey in 1991, as part of Prof. Steven Feiner’s work at Columbia University on KARMA (the Knowledge-based Augmented Reality Maintenance assistant) and the “Touring Machine;” the first mobile augmented reality system (MARS). After completing his PhD at Columbia in 1998, MacIntyre joined the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he founded the Augmented Environments Lab, dedicating his research to advancing AR technology and applications in gaming, education, and entertainment​​​​​​.

His pioneering work includes the development of the Argon AR browser, the integration of Second Life into an AR system, and leading the Qualcomm augmented reality Game Studio, marking significant milestones in mobile AR gaming​​, including leading the team that created the breakthrough Augmented Reality Zombie Hunting mobile game “ARGH” game. MacIntyre also spent time at Mozilla, where he was part of the Emerging Technologies team and worked on integrating AR into the web via the W3C’s WebXR APIs. After Mozilla, he moved to JPMorgan Chase and founded the Immersive Technology Research team in Global Technology Applied Research.