Paul Travers
Created the First Commercial Augmented Reality Headset at Vuzix

Paul Travers is the founder and CEO of Vuzix, where, since 1997, he has demonstrated his longstanding commitment to innovation in consumer electronics, virtual reality, and display technology. His journey began before Vuzix though, with the founding of e-Tek Labs, Inc. in 1989 and Forte Technologies Inc. in 2011.

With over 30 years in consumer electronics and more than 25 years in VR and display fields, Travers is recognized as a national expert. His leadership has been crucial in driving Vuzix's product development, marking significant contributions to wearable technology's evolution. 

Travers' efforts in shipping the Vuzix M-series and lightweight Blade augmented reality glasses for industrial applications have helped to establish him as a key figure in shaping the future of the augmented reality sector.