Caspar Thykier
Zappar Founder and CEO - AR Marketing Campaigns Trailblazer

Caspar Thykier is the co-founder and CEO of Zappar, a computer vision company based in the UK, specializing in AR, MR and WebAR technologies. He has been a driving force in making augmented reality accessible and impactful for brands and consumers alike. Through Zappar, Thykier has championed the development of innovative AR experiences that engage users and enhance brand storytelling.

Thykier and the Zappar team have been vanguards in the XR industry since 2011, pioneering the tools, technology and hardware used by brands, businesses and XR creators across the world. Under Thykier’s leadership, Zappar has launched the super-affordable, lightweight “Zapbox” AR headset, and the company’s platform has enabled creators to design immersive content with ease, making Thykier an instrumental figure in the democratization of AR.