Eric Romo
AltspaceVR Founder - Among the First VR for Live Events Platforms

Eric Romo, founder of AltspaceVR, has played a critical role in shaping social virtual reality platforms, offering users a space to connect, collaborate, and share experiences in immersive environments. Founded in California in 2013, AltspaceVR was one of the very first social VR experiences, alongside VRChat and Rec Room, and pioneered new ways for people to interact within virtual worlds.

Romo's vision for AltspaceVR was to create a platform that transcends physical boundaries, enabling meaningful social connections through shared virtual experiences. The platform was acquired by Microsoft in 2017, after which Romo worked as the founding Product Manager lead for Meta’s Horizon Worlds, the company’s flagship Metaverse product.

His work has not only contributed to the evolution of social VR but also laid the groundwork for future developments in virtual communities, demonstrating the potential of VR to redefine how we engage with each other digitally.