Jeff Powers
Occipital Founder, First 3D Sensor Accessory for AR

Jeff Powers, co-founder and CEO of Colorado-based Occipital, has been a key figure in advancing spatial computing and augmented reality technologies. After selling RedLaser, among one of the first smartphone based barcode scanner apps, to eBay in 2010, Powers oversaw Occipital’s development of groundbreaking products like the Structure Sensor, the first 3D sensor accessory for mobile devices that enabled them to understand and interact with the world in three dimensions.

More recently, Powers co-founded Arcturus Industries with an aim of building the world's most robust and sophisticated 3D perception engine for VR/AR in order to dramatically upgrade the state of the art in 3D perception for XR devices.

Power’s efforts in AR and computer vision have been key to helping facilitate applications ranging from 3D scanning to immersive AR experiences. He is also an angel investor in several tech startups including via the seed-stage accelerator TechStars.