Tamir Berliner
PrimeSense Co-Founder, Sightful Founder, MagicLeap IL Leader

Tamir Berliner, a trailblazer in augmented reality, co-founded PrimeSense in 2005, which created the technology behind Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing system for the Xbox 360, as well as the depth sensor inside Occipital Structure Sensor. In 2013 Primesense was acquired by Apple to form the foundation for the iPhone’s TrueDepth sensor. Berliner’s efforts have helped to shape the future of interactive gaming and interfaces. 

His work in the XR space has included leading Magic Leap Israel, playing a key role in the development of Magic Leap 1, and founding Sightful, the company behind the ‘Spacetop’ – the world's first AR laptop.

Berliner's vision has applied AR's utility to both gaming and everyday computing, impacting how users interact with digital environments.