Sean White
Inflection AI CEO, WebXR Pioneer, Situated Visualization Inventor

Sean White’s expertise in augmented and virtual reality, and pioneering efforts in WebXR, have significantly influenced the integration of AR and VR technologies with the web. In 2007 at Columbia University, he created the first pre-smartphone mobile AR applications for plant identification, electronic field guides, and visualizing air pollution.

White was co-founder of BrightSky Labs, built the Interaction Ecologies Group at Nokia, and

led Mozilla's R&D efforts for next generation products and technologies including programs in Mixed Reality, Speech/Machine Learning/Assistants, and the Web of Things.

As such, his work, as well as advocacy for open, accessible, and secure immersive web experiences, has been instrumental in developing standards and frameworks that allow for immersive, cross-platform AR and VR experiences directly within browsers.