Daniel Wagner
Developer of the First Mobile AR Tracking on PDAs

Daniel Wagner started his journey in the AR space in the early 2000s at Graz University of Technology in Austria and is best known for his pioneering contributions to mobile augmented reality, developing software and algorithms that have enabled AR to be more widely used on smartphones and other portable devices.

Wagner developed the first 3D tracking library running in real-time on personal digital assistants (PDAs), the first 6DOF natural feature tracker running in real-time on a mobile phone, and the first real-time mapping systems for mobile phones. He also created the well-known Invisible Train game, which was shown at several international events including SIGGRAPH, WiredNextFest and the Ars Electronica Festival.

Wagner has led research and development in AR, with positions at Qualcomm, Daqri (as CTO), and Snap (heading R&D for Snap Spectacles).