Augmented Reality: Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Human Experience

Jun 2

02:50 PM - 03:15 PM


Few people believed that the internet would be preferred to television and that a subscription system would be preferred to a one-time purchase, but it happened. And that's because someone prepared for success in advance. Created their blue ocean. Set the sails in advance. Do you see what I mean?

Now, AR is already shining on the market, but an important event for the entire tech world looms on the horizon: the long-awaited release of AR glasses. Giants such as Apple and Samsung are planning their release as early as 2023, and with them, the Quest ecosystem from Meta is actively developing. Imagine that those long-awaited AR glasses are already in your hands. What will you do with them?

Most admit that they are more likely to just twirl the glasses in their hands, try them on a couple of times and then just put them away for a long time. That's because they don't have a user behavior pattern. So, no need to wait for the wind, grab the sail and set it now. After all, AR exists not only in rare expensive gadgets but also in your personal smartphone. If for some reason you think that AR is out of your way and that such behavioral patterns have nothing to do with you, then let's look at AR from the other side.

And to do this, let's discuss the following questions.

- What kind of content will we need tomorrow and how do we start applying it today? What technologies are needed to create it?

- Looking for effective use of AR for the tasks of clients, business? Learning to measure.

- New AR professions of the future

- Don't wait for mass production of AR glasses. How to teach clients and partners to work with AR?

- What can the community start doing today?


CEO & Founder , DEVAR

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Jun 1

01:00 PM - 01:25 PM


Coming Soon!


Founder & CEO , Flow
Co-Founder , Cas and Chary XR
Co-Founder , Cas and Chary XR
Jun 1

01:30 PM - 01:55 PM


A fireside chat with LAMINA1 CEO Rebecca Barkin and Odeon Theatrical CEO Stephanie Riggs on the unique challenges of concepting, designing, and delivering moving and intuitive experiences in immersive mediums. We’ll dive deep into the design challenges stifling Web3 and the development of thriving open virtual worlds, as well as large-scale interactive experience design, and practical strategies for creating meaningful interaction that invites mainstream adoption.


Founder , Ink & Paint
CEO , Lamina1
Jun 1

02:00 PM - 02:25 PM


The increasing popularity of XR applications is driving the media industry to explore the creation and delivery of new immersive experiences, while pushing engineers and inventors to address the challenges of real video content manipulation. Considering this reality, the talk will discuss these challenges and introduce key technologies that leverage open standards to enable large scale distribution of new immersive experiences.

A volumetric video is comprised of a sequence of frames, and each frame is a static 3D representation of a real-world object or scene capture at a different point in time. Volumetric video is bandwidth-heavy content that can be presented as dynamic point clouds, multi-view plus depth, or multi-plane image representations.

These bandwidth requirements can be achieved through dedicated compression schemes that produce data rates and files sizes that are economically viable in the industry. Standards play a crucial role in ensuring interoperability across these different types of content and experiences, and this talk will spotlight the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) Visual Volumetric Video-based Coding (V3C) standard as an open standard solution for efficient streaming of volumetric video.

To enrich XR experiences, inventors and industry must synchronize to create and distribute additional media
and interactions mechanisms alongside all the volumetric video components. In fact, the MPEG-I Haptics and MPEG-I Scene description standards are currently under development and will soon propose solutions to industry.

From the perspective of real content creation, it remains challenging but crucial to enable technologies that cover 3D capturing, calibration, depth processing, format conversion, transmission, and rendering. This session will explore two creation pipelines that leverage the aforementioned standard codecs: (1) a real-time pipeline for telepresence using depth and color cameras; (2) an offline pipeline for sports and media applications using color cameras and prior geometric information.


Video Solutions Group Director , InterDigital
Senior Scientist , Philips Group Innovation, Research
Jun 1

02:30 PM - 03:15 PM


John Gaeta is the legendary creator best known for his Academy Award-winning work on the original Matrix Trilogy and creator of Bullet Time. John, now Chief Creative Officer of Inworld AI will talk alongside Chief Product Officer and Inworld Co-Founder Kylan Gibbs about their incredible new concept demo. Called ‘Origins’, the demo allows players to take on the role of a detective in a sci-fi world. Using your mic, you’re tasked with questioning witnesses, uncovering the narrative, and cracking the case. All of the NPCs use generative AI to create dynamic conversations, meaning you can ask them whatever you like, and the NPCs will react accordingly - whilst staying in character. John and Kylan will give you an insight into this fascinating new technology, set to revolutionize games and immersive media


Consultant, Columnist, Author, Adjunct , Forbes
CCO , Inworld AI
CPO , Inworld AI
Jun 1

03:30 PM - 04:00 PM


Join us for an enlightening fireside chat featuring Paul Raphael, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the Emmy-winning Felix & Paul Studios.

In conversation with Amy Jupiter, a renowned Creative Producer, VFX Supervisor, Experience Designer, and Disney Imagineer. Paul will delve into the theme: "Lessons Learned from Pioneering Presence-Based VR Storytelling." This is an opportunity for anyone eager to learn from the masters of immersive experiences.

Over the past 10 years, Felix & Paul Studios has pushed boundaries and achieved numerous milestones in the VR industry, including the creation of the first-ever VR film, Strangers with Patrick Watson.
Gain a better understanding about the past, present, and future of VR narrative experiences from the studio that has created dozens of productions that have transported audiences to places usually reserved for a select few, such as a limo ride alongside rapper Eminem in Marshall from Detroit, a tour of the White House with the Obamas in The People’s House, and traveling and living in outer space with the award-winning Space Explorers series developed in partnership with NASA.

Their recent venture, the next-generation VR location-based experience, Space Explorers – THE INFINITE, continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in immersive storytelling for a wide audience.

Paul will share insights gleaned from these projects and discuss the creative and technical evolution the studio has undergone over the last decade with a look to the future. Guided by Amy Jupiter's expertise, the conversation will unpack the nuances of VR storytelling and its potential to transform the way we engage with narratives across touchpoints including, immersive installations and events, theme parks, and public spaces.

This talk promises to be a deep dive into the potential of VR, full of practical insights and creative inspiration. Don't miss this chance to learn from the pioneer who continues to be at the forefront of the VR storytelling revolution.


Founder/Chief Experience Designer , ByJove: A Collective of Perspective TM
Vice-President,Brand and Product Marketing , Félix & Paul Studios