Louise Edwards
Education Consultant & VR Developer DredwardsVR Consulting

Dr. Louise Edwards is an educational consultant and VR developer situated at the nexus of competency-based educational design and immersive technology. She has carved a unique career path that encompasses experimental research in Earth science, environmental consulting, education and training across K-12, post-secondary and corporate sectors, and VR design and development.

Prior to starting her own consulting business in 2022, Louise was a competency-based education and assessment consultant at an innovative community college in western Canada where she worked with stakeholders across industry, education and the community to create authentic, skills-based courses and micro-credentials designed to quickly respond to labour-market challenges and address skills gaps.

Since striking out on her own, Louise has continued this work, complementing it with her expertise in immersive learning and VR development where she helps clients with their educational XR challenges from app design and development to technology adoption. Her independent VR projects focus on helping people develop a relationship with the Earth and the scientific literacy required to engage with the modern world.


Jun 2

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