XR and Spatial Computing News from Niantic, Sightful, Zappar, Microsoft, XREAL, Holo-light and More 

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LONG BEACH, Calif., June 18th, 2024. Today is the opening day of Augmented World Expo USA 2024 - the longest running and largest event focused on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (XR). More than 6,000 attendees, 300 exhibitors and close to 600 speakers will convene to celebrate the 15th anniversary of AWE and share the latest XR and spatial computing innovations. To assist journalists in tracking the many announcements being made, here are highlights of today’s planned announcements. 

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Niantic will introduce Niantic Studio: a new visual interface for Niantic 8th Wall developers that offers an entirely new way to build immersive 3D and XR experiences. Traditionally, building web-based XR and 3D experiences has been a code-intensive process with little visual feedback. But with Niantic Studio, now in public beta, developers have a visual interface that makes everything you create accessible and visible in real time. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Sightful, creators of Spacetop, the world’s first Augmented Reality laptop, is dedicated to transforming the world around us for the work from anywhere movement. Spacetop represents the next generation in personal computing, and serves as a bridge between the legacy of personal computing and the promise of mixed reality by merging the laptop's daily utility with the world-expanding capabilities of Augmented Reality. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Zappar will be announcing its universal WebXR support across hardware and software solutions at AWE USA 2024. This includes its no-code and low-code tooling, Zapworks Designer and Mattercraft, as well as its affordable, smartphone-powered mixed reality headset, Zapbox. Zappar firmly believes that the web is the best place for short-form immersive 3D experiences, and these new releases give designers and developers unrivaled flexibility and affordability. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Microsoft will announce auto-generated avatars, an AI-powered solution that makes avatar creation more efficient and more accurate. AI algorithms will analyze the visual features in submitted photos to predict the best possible matches for your face shape, hair, eyewear, and facial hair. These matches are combined to create three avatar options. It will also be announcing improvements to its Mesh in Teams experience, including avatar emotes, a new immersive space tailored for workshops, Mac access and more. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


XREAL will unveil XREAL Beam Pro, a new Android mobile device bringing Google Play Store’s apps to 3D space. As the ultimate companion device for XREAL glasses, XREAL Beam Pro gives users a simple way to access all their favorite apps, social media content, streaming entertainment, professional needs, and gaming platforms in a stunning 3D-aware AR environment, all powered by a Snapdragon® platform from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Android 14. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Hololight will introduce Holo-light Hub, an enterprise-grade, centralized app management platform for hosting, streaming, and scaling all AR/VR applications. Using the web-based platform, enterprises can manage XR applications including a catalog of industrial-grade XR applications from Arthur, Frontline, Matsuko, Taqtile and Uptale. Users can seamlessly access and stream the various XR applications through the Hololight Hub interface installed on the AR/VR devices, benefiting from the performance and security provided by Hololight’s streaming technology. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Infinite Rabbit Holes creates immersive, elevated, and personal story-driven experiences that bring people together. While guided by accessibility and group play, Infinite Rabbit Holes pushes the boundaries of gaming, catapulting players into stories like never before and empowering them to be active participants in shaping their experiences across both digital and physical game worlds.Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Sony will announce alignment between its Spatial Reality Display and echo3D for 3D digital asset management as well as a case study featuring UC San Diego which has deployed Sony's XR technologies including the glasses-free 3D Spatial Reality Display and mocopi for portable motion capture. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Campfire will announce upcoming support for Apple Vision Pro following growth in its customer base of more than fifty times (50X) since supporting Meta Quest 3. Campfire revolutionizes virtual collaboration for the physical economy. Instead of traveling and shipping equipment for meetings, distributed teams can collaborate using digital 3D models of physical products, equipment, and environments as if sitting around them. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Wilkins Avenue AR unveils the first ever immersive musical in spatial computing: "Out There", available on Apple Vision Pro and starring Emmy-nominated Vanessa Williams, at AWE USA 2024. "Out There" represents the largest-scale augmented reality (Spatial Computing) experience ever showcased on a single site. It leverages Spatial Audio and groundbreaking visuals. This immersive musical seamlessly blends real and virtual worlds into an unforgettable spectacle where narrative, music, and cutting-edge technology converge to define the future of immersive fiction. Assets here. Contact [email protected]


Freeaim Technologies announces it raises £250K to boost R&D and scale production ahead of VR Shoes developer release. Freeaim VR Shoes is a unique wearable technology that uses full body control to enable VR users to walk infinite distances in any direction, while keeping the user safely inside a small area. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Doublepoint’s WowMouse AR enhances users’ experience on Magic Leap 2, debuts at AWE USA 2024 as the first wrist-worn gesture control for augmented reality.  This latest WowMouse update transforms Android smartwatches into powerful AR gestural input devices that enhance users’ experiences with Magic Leap 2. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]

VRdirect has received a patent for the Virtual Reality eXchange Format, or VRXF, and will present it at AWE USA 2024. This new format will change the use of Virtual Reality (VR) at the enterprise level and ensure cross-platform compatibility, seamless hardware integration and increased efficiency. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


HaptX begins North American shipments of HaptX Gloves G1™, world’s most realistic touch feedback system. The only haptic glove with hundreds of air-powered actuators, G1 has generated tens of millions of dollars of pre-orders from customers eager to leverage realistic touch for workforce training. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


STYLY will introduce a groundbreaking concept as a spatial computing platform for sustainable urban development. STYLY aims to be the core of sustainable city infrastructure, enhancing urban living with advanced XR technology. STYLY is Vision Pro compatible, and the STYLY Spatial Computing Lab (SSCL) has launched in Japan. Assets here, Contact: [email protected]


StrikerVR will announce a new platform and game integrations for the Mavrik-Pro, Virtual Reality's most advanced haptic peripheral, and showcase its first MR experience with the blaster and the Meta Quest 3 as well as showcasing its vision for the future of eSports entertainment. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


FundamentalVR will announce groundbreaking advancements in its Fundamental Surgery platform, integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to drive predictive insights, enhance surgical proficiency, and accelerate skills acquisition. This significant milestone allows the company to leverage data to drive valuable insights for customers, fostering advancements in surgical training and beyond. The company will showcase the advanced AI capabilities for the first time at AWE USA 2024. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]

Tap Systems will unveil a significantly updated version of its TapXR wrist-worn controller. The new TapXR supports advanced multi-finger gestures, delivering a more fluid, immersive and intuitive way to navigate, scroll, select, drag, drop, and activate content in both spatial and standard computing environments - without sacrificing precision or comfort. In addition, Tap Systems will launch a comprehensive SDK, enabling developers to integrate the multi-finger gestures directly into their applications. Assets here. Contact: [email protected] will announce its beta launch today., the only comprehensive “Prompt to AR/VR” content creation platform is an end-to-end, browser-based, no-code solution that harnesses Generative AI to create and instantly publish sophisticated spatial computing (AR / VR) content across all devices (iPhone, Android, Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest). is software and hardware agnostic and integrates over 100 key features into one platform and consolidates the entire creative process, from ideation, to creation, live collaboration, editing, prototyping and publishing at a fraction of the time and cost. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


TrainingLab is launching a MVP of TrainingLab. Conference attendees  can practice speaking with AI avatars in VR to strengthen their communication skills. TrainingLab provides immersive training for employees to practice their communication skills with AI avatars in VR. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


ZAUBAR will demonstrate its Space Travel App which offers a unique experience for conference visitors. By scanning a QR code on a marker, attendees can make virtual streets appear in the real world, guiding them to various locations within the venue. It also will offer its Time Travel App. Visitors can take selfies at the ZAUBAR booth, where generative AI processes them to produce stunning cyberpunk-themed images. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


3lbXR will announce the launch of GroKit Core Development Platform. Also, Grokit gets a new update. Grokit: Twilight Echoes, the fourth content update for the multiplayer mixed reality, hand-tracking party game. The first DLC for Grokit: Cancer Blaster, will be released on September 1st 2024, in partnership with Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


RP1 will showcase a prototype of its browser designed specifically for navigating the metaverse, providing a seamless and immersive experience.  The system allows multiple applications to coexist in a virtual immersive environment spanning across all devices, including AR and VR. RP1 is also releasing a whitepaper detailing open standards and protocols that will shape the future of the spatial internet. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


MotionMix will be available for hands-on demonstrations for the first time, accessible to all and exclusively at AWE USA 2024! MotionMix is a Spatial Analytics Platform that records user sessions and generates 3D Space Heat Maps for Gaming, AR/VR & mixed-reality apps. Assets here Contact: [email protected]


MASA (Metaverse Acceleration and Sustainability Association) will announce three new initiatives - Metaverse4Science, Decentralized Artificial General Intelligence (dAGI) and Metaverse4Kids. MASA is the world's first and largest international consortium for metaverse technology research and application promotion. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Benvision is launching the Binaural Experience Navigator, as an open beta for iOS. Benvision is an assistive technology company that makes buildings and venues more accessible for the visually impaired with a unique music-based approach. The company is also launching its pilot program for tourism, museums, hotels, and amusement parks, and other large spaces like universities, hospitals, and airports. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Higher Prana VR, a VR meditation app, will be available in kiosk mode through Arbor XR for both Pico and Meta devices. The app features ambient and electro-acoustic soundscapes and beginner friendly grounding and expert mindfulness guidance. It also offers multi modal, spatial sound quality, immersive 360 nature environments and a yoga mat for physical grounding. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Octonic will be offering selected attendees a sneak peak of its new product, instructor-led classes which combine stunning photorealistic visuals, great music, and best-in-class instructors for workout adventures. Octonic XR software wirelessly connects mobile headsets with fitness machines, allowing users to safely and comfortably exercise with friends in realistic XR worlds, without leaving their home or gym. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


ForgeFX will be showcasing a new demo for the first time at AWE USA 2024, which features an Advanced Laser Screed® Machine that users interact with to become familiar with controls and maintenance techniques. ForgeFX develops high-quality custom interactive 3D simulation and visualization software products for clients across a wide array of industries. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


InterDigital and Philips will jointly demonstrate their immersive technologies and contributions to video standards that enable the rendering and delivery of volumetric video experiences. The partners will apply their innovations to deliver live and recorded volumetric video for streamed sport and eSport experiences. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Big Rock Creative the creators of BRCvr (an official virtual Burning Man experience), in collaboration with Burning Man Project, the nonprofit in service to the global Burning Man cultural movement, today announced virtual access to Burning Man Project’s signature Black Rock City gathering. Held annually in Northern Nevada, Black Rock City convenes approximately 80,000 people from around the world - now, global participants will be able to engage with each other in real time and dive into the richness of Burning Man culture in a virtual Black Rock City experience, 365-days a year. As a result, BRCvr will be accepting applications from those interested in participating in the Alpha Phase of the soon-to-be-unveiled BRCvr app BurnerSphere, starting June 18 to coincide with the start of Augmented World Expo 2024.  Assets here.  Contact: [email protected]



HouseCall VR will announce two significant collaborative research and development agreements with the Veterans Affairs (VA) and with the University of Georgia (UGA) College of Pharmacy. These partnerships mark critical milestones in its mission to develop and refine its revolutionary virtual reality patient education platform. HouseCall VR's groundbreaking platform is dedicated to improving patient education. The proprietary software application, designed for use on XR headsets within clinical settings, empowers patients by making complex health information accessible and engaging. Assets here. Contact: [email protected] 


Dreamspace will announce an upcoming panel moderated by C. Sean Yuksel, Executive Creative Director and Partner, at AWE 2024. This groundbreaking session, titled “RACING BEYOND LIMITS: THE NEXT LAP IN XR” will explore the future of motorsports through the lens of XR technology. Scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 2:55 PM (PDT) in the Grand Ballroom on the Main Stage at AWE 2024, this session is a captivating exploration of how XR transforms the racing world. 

Assets here. Contact: [email protected] 



Fantail Games will unveil its debut title: Game Night at AWE USA 2024. This party game blends arcade action, social deduction, and mixed reality minigame mayhem! Chase each other around the room through a series of riotously fun minigames. In VR, players are immersed in virtual locations and roleplay, whereas in MR the action comes to you making it feel very real, visceral and instinctive. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Dark Arts Software will unveil and share its bleeding edge game, LET'S DANCE. Dance hand-in-hand with incredible AI/ML powered virtual dance partners. Learn the basics of SALSA, SWING, LINE DANCING from judgment free virtual instructors or play story mode and progress through ever more spectacular venues on your journey to the top. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Techtoy Studio will unveil the first ever public showing of Meli  - a mixed reality rhythm game where classical music meets magical wizardry - at AWE USA 2024. With awesome hand-tracking and mixed reality magic, you can wield your wand and watch as your living room transforms into an extravaganza of lights, colors and sound. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


VoxelSensors and OQmented announce the advancement of their commercial partnership to bring groundbreaking 3D perception systems to market for XR, mobile, and other applications. VoxelSensors’ PERCEPT enhances wearables and mobile devices with empathic abilities to understand user attention and intent, delivering an augmented reality experience that feels natural. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Draw & Code is revealing FanPort at AWE USA 2024. FanPort combines a large LED screen or projected display with AR glasses to allow ‘holographic’ content to travel through portals between the world beyond the screen and the audience’s physical space. Some experiences will allow guests to reach ‘into’ the screen and bring content into the experience space and vice-versa. Games technology also allows networking between guests to create further social and collaborative moments. Assets here.  Contact: [email protected]


OneBonsai will announce its new Digital Patient platform, which will enhance the skills of medical professionals and students, reduce medical errors, and improve patient outcomes. The platform offers a comprehensive and customizable learning experience, simulating patients of different ages, genders, ethnicities, and medical histories, and unparalleled flexibility, enabling trainees to access modules anytime, anywhere, using any device, including tablets or VR headsets. Assets here.  Contact: [email protected]


Designium Inc. in partnership with Takaratomy Inc., will launch "Beyblade XR Project α Ver." at AWE USA 2024. XR revives the Gen 1 BEYBLADE after 25 years! The "textures" are created by a high-precision 3D scanning system, the "sounds" are recorded from the real thing, and the "movements" are created by physically-based animations - accurately reproducing the authentic BEYBLADE experience of that time. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]

ManoMotion will announce its collaboration with DigiLens and that ManoMotion is supporting the ARGO glasses with its hand interaction technologies. Its solution, the HT-A (Hand Tracking Applicator), is a patented and award winning software for hand interaction solutions that is both platform and application agnostic. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


XRAI will launch the XRAI AR One. These state-of-the-art smart glasses meet the needs of the global deaf and hard-of-hearing community, offering unparalleled accessibility and transforming the way people experience conversations.  Featuring an ultra-lightweight and wireless design and driven by the latest advancements in AI, the glasses empower users with the ability to see real-time captions in over 140+ languages, right in front of their eyes. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Immersix will launch its Evaluation Kit (EVK) for its retinal eye tracking system, IMERT. This advanced system offers unparalleled gaze-tracking accuracy across all physiologies without the need for recalibration. Immersix offers the first commercial eye tracking using retinal imaging. This methodology along with fine-tuned algorithms, delivers superior eye tracking that works with all populations resulting in outstanding eye tracking performance. Assets here Contact: [email protected]


Wevr will announce a $3.5 Million Investment from HTC and Epic Games as Wevr expands its Virtual Studio technology and real-time 3D production capabilities. As a pioneer XR studio developing state of the art immersive experiences for the last decade, Wevr is now poised to lead the evolution of spatial content creation and service brands worldwide. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


TechViz will announce a broad commitment to support devices based Qualcomm's Spadragon Spaces. Its unique technology makes it possible to display any 3D model in AR/VR directly from its native application without data conversion and connect any number of local or remote participants to the same virtual scene. TechViz will also demo its immersive teleconferencing solution, currently only available in Japan, as a first in the US. Assets here. Contact: [email protected] 


VRDemons - Be one of us, share your fear on AWE USA 2024. Risk your sanity, facing the social demons in this VR experience. Collect the pieces and fill the void among us. Assets: here Contact: [email protected]


palan, Inc. palan, Inc. provides palanAR, a no code AR creation platform that enables anyone to create their own AR. Our service is used across education, tourism, entertainment and event industries and has 10,000 users with a total of 29,000 ARs created. We also provide design and development service for WebAR, VR, website and SaaS products. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Mawari is showcasing its decentralized 3D & XR content delivery platform that breaks the bottlenecks of infrastructure supply for real-time rendering, and the lack of local compute power on XR Devices. It does this by orchestrating a decentralized network of GPU-powered nodes that run the Mawari Engine, a proprietary technology stack that allows to render interactive 3D content and stream it efficiently in real-time to mobile XR devices at scale. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Cassette Group, a Microsoft Mesh Technology Adoption Program (TAP) partner, is launching a new specialist division dedicated to supporting the enterprise roll-out of Microsoft Mesh. The Cassette Group creates learning and education solutions for enterprise clients using VR, 3D content, and spatial computing and has worked closely with Microsoft Mesh to develop solutions to enhance employee engagement. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]

Ultraleap will showcase its recently announced Ultraleap Hyperion - the next generation of its tracking platform. Ultraleap Hyperion is the ultimate computer vision platform revolutionizing the world of HMI. No more one-size fits all solutions - Ultraleap Hyperion gives users access to a variety of tracking models and modes to give them the control to create a reliable, flexible solution that meets their unique needs. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]

Starport is showcasing prototypes of its 3D light streaming stations, which can transform pixels into solid light forms existing outside the screen in the real world. It will also demonstrate several services that will launch with the stations. Starport is building a trans-dimensional 3D communication network to enrich digital communication and make it true-to-life. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


tagSpace will launch its Spatial Web3 platform and native crypto token. tagSpace makes it possible to create, share and monetize beautiful MR experiences that are “always on” and customized for each user - no code required. tagSpace is helping fans at music festivals and sports stadiums find their way around, giving tourists a better way to explore cities and providing brands with new immersive engagement channels. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


PlaybookXR, a leader in collaborative 3D design tooling, will announce Spatially Consistent AI Rendering. This state-of-the-art rendering pipeline creates a consistent animated render maintaining camera perspective, lighting, motion, etc. This will lower the floor and raise the ceiling for AI animation. Current 3D artists can augment their workflows with rapid look dev and the ability to explore latent space, and net-new creators can start bringing their ideas to life. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


XReality launches its Spatial Design Book and XReality Podcast. XReality Pro was established in 2019 as a community-based educational platform dedicated to providing accessible XR (AR/VR) educational content on a global scale. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]

Treedis will launch and demonstrate its advanced IoT dashboard on its platform. This new feature provides seamless access to a range of powerful integrations, with a particular emphasis on the AWS IoT Twinmaker. Its IoT dashboard empowers users with enhanced connectivity and control, streamlining the management of IoT devices and data right within their digital twins. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


DigiLens, a leading nanotechnology innovator in waveguide display technologies and XR smartglasses, will announce ARGO™, one of the first all-in-one true AR smartglasses, is powered by Google’s Gemini models. Leveraging Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and built on the advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon™ XR2 Platform, ARGO™ integrated with Google’s Gemini models will redefine the future of work. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Onirix will announce Onirix Spatial AR - the only Visual Positioning System (VPS) on the market that offers an instant experience (no app downloads) with full indoor and outdoor accuracy on both Android (AR Core) and iOS (AR Kit) devices. Onirix will demonstrate live how Onirix Spatial AR works, and two new features of this technology that have not yet made public will be unveiled: localization areas and the occlusion mesh. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Varjo will offer a technology preview of Teleport, highlighting the service’s capability to quickly generate photorealistic 3D capture scans of real-world environments directly from an iPhone and allow users to view these scenes from a variety of devices, including PCs, VR headsets, and more. Using Teleport by Varjo, anybody can create a high-resolution 3D model of their environment without any previous expertise. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Almalence will announce a VST Super-Resolution solution enabling high image quality for see-through cameras. It will demonstrate how its solution boosts a low-end Qualcomm reference design VST camera image quality to the level above that of Apple Vision Pro. It will also demonstrate its Almalence Digital Lens which enables VR image quality beyond display hardware capabilities and how its solution boosts image quality of the world's highest resolution VR display, Pimax Crystal. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Graffity Inc.  will unveil its second Apple Vision Pro Game - "Shuriken Survivor.” Players defend a castle by throwing shurikens with their own hands, embodying a true ninja. Players will fend off waves of evil ninja troops, upgrading their shurikens to efficiently eliminate enemies and protect the castle. This game combines realistic shuriken actions with strategic upgrades for an engaging experience. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


One Pony Trick will showcase Toxic Therapy, a VR game which is a blend of a rage room with escape room elements of discoveries. It is stocked with breakable items, fun finds, and an arsenal of tools. Each Room is themed around a real-world scenario and includes hidden bonus levels. Toxic Therapy provides a way for players to let loose where playful destruction is not just allowed but encouraged. Assets here. Contact: [email protected] 


Th2H will be showcasing a significantly upgraded version of PersonalSpace - a portable 4DX device that allows you to immerse yourself in media content and experience it much more realistically through multiple sensory effects wherever you are. PersonalSpace is fully compatible with all media platforms such as TV, VR, AR, Audio Book and more. Watch or read media content and immerse yourself in it through complex physical sensors such as wind, heat, cooling, vibration and tactile sensations. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


UltraReality specializes in the research and development of core technologies for the XR (VR/MR/AR) industry. It will demonstrate how its spatial computing technology enhances 3D display effects, showcasing advanced capabilities on the front screens of XR devices. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


MOPIC will showcase its glasses-free 3D Solution for iPhone. Now anyone can capture, watch, and share 3D videos without the need for 3D glasses. By attaching MOPIC's 3D lenses, which resemble protective glass, to your smartphone screen, your phone becomes a 3D smartphone. MOPIC will also showcase a glasses-free 3D Solution for industrial Monitors that can be utilized across various industries. These solutions combine 3D lenses and 3D software with standard panels to display stereoscopic images. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Simtek VR will unveil its VR Omnidirectional Locomotion Platform - a VR Hoverboard - with innovation movement and interaction in VR. VR Hoverboard has two versions for business owners and families. Simtek VR Ltd. pioneers VR mobility tech, offering intuitive full-body motion solutions and an XR sports platform. With over 6,000 VR centers worldwide under FuninVR, its Motion series, including hoverboards and treadmills, transforms VR experiences. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


UneeQ will reveal its updated digital human platform at Augmented World Expo USA 2024. With lifelike facial expressions and movements, digital humans foster emotional connections that amplify the impact of employee training, sales and customer service. UneeQ digital humans are multilingual interactive 3D avatars driven by generative AI so they can speak to, guide, and educate people in real-time, creating the next generation of brand engagement. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


echo3D announces an integration with Sony Electronics’ Spatial Reality Displays which provide precise, highly realistic three-dimensional content without special glasses or VR headsets. Spatial Reality Display customers can now leverage echo3D technology to securely manage, store, control, optimize, and share 3D content with ease. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Tarsioptics will deliver unparalleled compactness and field of view with its latest 200°, 2-inch XR optics prototype. Tarsioptics, a deep-tech startup and SCOPTIQUE spin-off specializes in developing innovative optical hardware IPs and prototypes, particularly for VR/XR applications. The company is aligned with industry leaders like Magic Leap, Waveoptics (acquired by Snap), and Limbak (acquired by Apple) in the high-potential VR/XR space. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Simtryx is the first spatial computing simulation for nursing and healthcare workers, that transforms immersive training by meshing real world elements into the virtual world. It will demo its first scenarios on the market at AWE USA 2024 and announce that it is starting deployment with its first client, Universidad Cientifica del Sur (UCSUR). It will be the first university in the world with a spatial computing training for its med students. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]

Vision Interface Technology will demonstrate its 0.39" Full-Color uNEEDXRTM display which has achieved unprecedented visual performance - boasting brightness of 20,000 nits and pixel density of 3,386 PPI, making it the highest brightness OLED microdisplay created thus far. UNEEDXRTM (Ultra-high pixel density for Near EyE Display-XR) is a unique native RGB AMOLED display technology developed by INT. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Speed 3D will showcase  the newly launched product AR Lounge  - the first machine incorporating AR+AI for interacting with sports stars and celebrities. While MetAR Commerce revolutionizes e-commerce, AR Lounge disrupts interactive domain experiences. The potential of AR Lounge has been demonstrated through successful proofs of concept with professional baseball teams and cheerleading squads. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


MACE Virtual Labs will showcase a suite of XR software platforms from world class ISVs as part of a bundled solution offering, including hardware procurement, device management, provisioning and kitting, fulfillment and logistics, and software implementation, integration and training.The company is a turnkey provider of commercial-grade Extended Reality (XR) hardware and software solutions for the Enterprise, Military, Entertainment, Healthcare, and Education markets. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Seoul XR Pavilion will feature innovative companies including Prazen, a deep tech startup in the field of AR optical technology, Tekville, an edtech service company that researches and develops technologies to be applied to education, INUC, an innovative media solutions company based on sincerity and passion for media technology, P&C Solution, specialized company in the AR/XR field, possessing all the essential technologies for AR/XR glasses design, Newjak, creating new media XR content that unfolds without wearing an HMD, SOULX, a company founded in 2019 to give space and freedom of expression to all storytellers in the world, VIRNECT, which offers customized solutions to make XR accessible and practical, RECON Labs, which harnesses cutting-edge AI to elevate 3D commerce creation, Plicar, a 3D commerce platform offering 360-degree product exploration and AR viewers for virtual placement and 3Dpresso, a 3D content creation tool that is gaining attention in gaming, metaverse, and VFX markets. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Syntech will share its latest aesthetically pleasing and comfortable XR accessories for both businesses and consumers, and will reveal the stories and development process behind two concept headstrap products that are unreleased. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


YATAV will provide a live demo of "MetaForest," the world's first metaverse-based psychological counseling platform, for the first time in the U.S. market. MetaForest offers a groundbreaking virtual space counseling service that emphasizes anonymity. By utilizing AI facial expression recognition technology, MetaForest tracks facial expressions through a laptop webcam or smartphone camera and implements them into avatars. This innovative approach fosters high emotional exchanges between counselors and clients. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


PetaRay will unveil two revolutionary advancements in AR display technology. First, the world’s first miniaturized light field AR display for waveguides - a breakthrough in AR technology with the world's smallest light field display, seamlessly integrated with waveguide optics. Second, the industry’s smallest head-mounted light field display demo kit. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


BadVR builds immersive workspace software for enterprise and government organizations to increase the speed and quality of data-driven decisions. This is done through a next-generation AR/VR user interface that enables users to - quite literally - step inside their data. At AWE, BADVR will introduce a mobile app version of its SeeSignal application (Android version) and STAR-OPs product. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


SenseGlove will showcase the Nova 2, its newest haptic gloves, equipped with Active Contact Feedback to make any virtual object that comes in contact with the whole palm feel more realistic - whether it's a car wheel, laboratory flask, or an apple. SenseGlove’s proprietary force feedback technology enables lifelike interactions, allowing users to feel size, density and resistance of virtual objects. Unlike controllers, the gloves allow you to hold, push, touch, connect and squeeze the virtual item like it’s real. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


WEART will unveil the second generation of the TouchDIVER haptic glove – the TouchDIVER Pro. The TouchDIVER Pro glove is tailored for professionals in XR training, virtual prototyping, teleoperations, immersive marketing experiences seeking natural and realistic manipulation with virtual and digital objects.TouchDIVER Pro glove features a new design with six actuation points, including all five fingers and the palm, and current WEART’s unique multimodal haptic feedback, which provides lifelike force feedback, textures rendering and thermal cues. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


PIXO VR is launching a low/no code XR content builder - build and demo your VR module in less than 30 minutes. It will also demo JJK & LION's custom VR training content. PIXO now features the only low / no code XR content builder that generates enterprise-quality, fully interactive, immersive modules with drag-and-drop simplicity. With a library of reusable, customizable components, the ability to easily create new components, and the functionality to publish the content across desktop, mobile and XR devices, enterprises can create immersive custom modules like this fast food bagging training in weeks. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Sisu VR will announce a "Build Your Own Reality" No Code Engine where users can create visual novels and RPGs in VR with little to no programming experience, as well as active shooter response training for civilians, which includes new environments, additional firearm sounds, and interactivity for cover and conceal and fight exercises, plus an ethics module, which includes an AI-based conversation system to get real time feedback on dialogue. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


Nevermet is the #1 and most popular metaverse dating app -it has now created over 3 million metaverse matches on its metaverse dating app. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]


PICO XR is a leading VR company with independent innovation and R&D capabilities, focusing on VR all-in-one technology. Embracing a mission to bridge connections, enrich life, and release infinity, PICO is committed to building an integrated XR platform that inspires the community and empowers developers, creators, and businesses. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]

GameDriveris a leading provider of automated testing solutions for gaming, immersive, and spatial computing experiences, and will officially unveil its new ‘XRDriver’ test automation solution. XRDriver by GameDriver simplifies the bug-finding process for video games and extended reality (XR) experiences by automating repetitive testing tasks, helping to identify problems without a human having to repeatedly and manually test for bugs. Assets here. Contact: [email protected]

NTT QONOQ Group, a group of NTT DOCOMO, INC., will be exhibiting glasses-type XR devices and service content at the Qualcomm Technologies Inc. booth at AWE USA 2024. The device is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon® AR2 Gen 1 Platform chipset and is compatible with Snapdragon Spaces platform. You can experience this device through a variety of content, including QONOQ 's service content, the corporate remote support service "NTT XR Real Support.” Assets here. Contact: [email protected]