The AWE Playground is our 20,000 square foot AR+VR experience center featuring jaw-dropping, highly immersive and interactive demos not seen under one roof anywhere else (think more theme park than trade show expo). 

All experiences will be either a premiere, launch or an exclusive creation for the AWE Playground and will offer an experience that leverages working technology in an engaging, fun and exciting fashion that is ready for a high throughput.

Join us in the AWE Playground!

Wilkins Avenue AR's "Out There"

Discover the magic of Wilkins Avenue AR's “Out There” - the first-ever musical created for Spatial Computing AR, now on Apple Vision Pro! Starring Emmy- and Grammy-award nominee Vanessa Williams, “Out There” is a groundbreaking creative experience.

Body of Mine

Body of Mine is an award winning, full-body VR experience that lets you inhabit the body of another gender, for an emotional and intimate exploration of gender dysphoria and trans identity.

XR League

XR League offers a unique experience for any Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed reality consumer, by providing a premier option to meet with players and play your favorite games.

Journey of Hope: XR Experiences of Haiti

Step into Hope for Haiti's immersive XR exhibit and experience our work in Haiti to alleviate poverty firsthand. Explore Haiti via webAR experiences built on 8thWall, or take a deep dive into VR and immerse yourself in a Haitian school.

Oregon Reality Lab, University of Oregon

Meet the students from the University of Oregon's Immersive Media Communication master's program (the first of its kind!) and discover the way this program is teaching them to use immersive technology to drive change and tell stories through strategic communication.

These are Snap Scholars, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, and communicators effectively harnessing the power of immersive media to build communities, drive brand engagement and more!

BRCvr presents PlayaPortals

PlayaPortals is an immersive app that lets users experience Black Rock City in VR with 3D models and 360/180 videos from Burning Man. It uniquely allows non-linear narrative exploration and socializing, creating an engaging interactive experience.

Freeaim VR Shoes

Freeaim’s affordable and easy-to-use VR Shoes let you walk naturally in VR across infinite distances and in any direction, while keeping you safely in a small area. We are solving limited movement in VR to redefine gaming, fitness, training and more!

Strategically Communicating with Immersive Teach

Meet the faculty and graduate students at the University of Oregon who are pioneering the communications field with immersive technologies! At the Oregon Reality Lab, graduate students are learning how to build ethical, responsible, and powerful communication strategies to meet the needs of brands and organizations. Come see their work!

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