Tracy Evans
President Exhibitry

Tracy Evans is president of Exhibitry, an interactive media production studio in Houston, Texas.

In his 30+ year career Tracy Evans has founded or cofounded 5 companies, built interactive media departments for 2 other studios, taken a variety of original products to market, won numerous industry awards and holds a US Patent.

His experience comes from playing a variety of roles in marketing, communications and production including:
President • COO
• Producer • Director • Designer

Mr. Evans commands a variety of skill sets including:
• Theatrical Producer • Writer
• Public Speaker
• Stage Magician
• Inventor
• Animation
• Video Editor
• Holography
• Stage Illusion
• Virtual and Augmented Reality
• Programming
• Projection Mapping
• Interface Design
Technology Integration

Tracy, and the entire Exhibitry team, excel at helping clients tell their product and marketing stories in original and engaging ways at trade shows, museums, visitors centers and live events the world over.