Bernie Yee
CEO & Executive Producer Windup Minds

Bernard Yee is currently the CEO and co-founder of Windup Minds, a VR/MR games startup. In the almost 9 year at Oculus/Meta Reality Labs, he has been the Senior TPM on AR games and consumer experiences on Project Nazare; Executive Producer on the Oculus REX, the team behind the seminal VR experiences for multiple generations of hardware: Dreamdeck (showcasing final shipping optics and tracking), Toybox (exploring social presence in a shared VR space), Farlands (a launch game for the Rift), Prologue (an introduction to VR for the GearVR), First Contact (hand presence via the Oculus Touch controllers), First Steps (Quest launch standalone VR playable) and proof of experiences using Quest hand tracking technologies. Bernie has worked in the game industry on a wide variety of games and genres in both development and publishing roles at PopCap (lead producer on Plants vs Zombies 2 and Peggle 2), and Bungie (Destiny). Prior to moving to Seattle, Bernie worked at Harmonix (Rock Band), Atari and Sony Online Entertainment (EverQuest). He also taught game design and production at the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.