Greg Downing
CEO Hyperacuity

As an accomplished professional in image-based 3D technologies, computational photography, and producing for new media Greg Downing brings his varied experience to the Augmented World Expo. Specializing in VR, AR, and Virtual Production. Greg's notable projects include the pioneering VR experience "Carne Y Arena" and the Emmy-winning VR cinematography in "Awavena". His expertise extends to Light Field technology, as demonstrated in Google VR's "Welcome to Light Fields" and nominated for a PGA award for "Experience Yosemite".

At Hyperacuity, Greg's leadership showcases his ability to blend artistic vision with technical acumen, driving innovation in the AR/VR industry. His approach merges the artistic with the scientific, leveraging his background in cinematography, visual effects, photographic technologies, cultural heritage documentation and adventure to celebrate the worlds rarefied places. Greg's session at AWE will focus on the practical applications and future potential of VR/AR/MR, Virtual Production, and Computational Photography, providing valuable insights for fellow creators in the field.