Brian Selzer
CEO BlueSe7en Media

Brian Selzer is a senior creative executive with over two decades of experience in media, entertainment, gaming, and spatial computing. He excels in weaving stories across digital and physical worlds, spatially integrating brands, intellectual property, and creators into virtual game environments and mobile spatial computing platforms.

As CEO of BlueSe7en Media, Selzer advises and collaborates with companies including Iconic Arts and Inward VR. He also serves as the acting Creative Director for EverGame Media, a leading gaming agency and creative studio.

Previously, in 2009, Selzer co-founded Ogmento, the first venture-backed AR game company, where he was instrumental in designing the world's first location-based AR games. Collaborating with high-profile brands like NBA, Pepsi, and 7-Eleven, he established new paradigms in immersive, location and sensor-based gaming. His work at Ogmento contributed to key developments in AR technology, leading to the subsequent development of Apple ARKit, iOS's primary AR technology, after Apple's acquisition of the company.

Earlier in his career, Selzer played a pivotal role in launching and managing Marvel's mobile games and applications business, producing the first mobile games for Spider-Man, X-Men, and other iconic properties. He also served in significant roles at DAQRI, a leader in AR wearables, and Neurable, a VC-backed BCI wearables company.

Based in Los Angeles, Brian enjoys spending time with family and friends, particularly outdoors, to balance his mixed-reality lifestyle.