James Cooper
Chief Technologist, Advanced Visualization Raytheon

Chief Technologist for advanced visualization capabilities, strategy, and vision at Raytheon.

A leader in science and technology bringing two decades of work in advanced technologies, organizational leadership, and strategic pursuits. Strong professional history in engineering, leadership, and innovation. Active in diversity and inclusion, academic outreach, and industry standards definition.

Responsibilities include industry competitive assessments, technology investigations, deployment of business discriminators, and advising growth and investment needs, with a focus on Industry 4.0 next generation smart factory and operations needs and digital transformation. James coordinates with technology startups, corporate venture capital, and company leadership to drive development on augmented reality solutions for the aerospace and defense sector.

Previously, a leader in the innovations group, James maintained a strong pipeline of new ideas and technical discriminators, feeding emerging needs and opportunities, and overseeing activities, partnerships, and physical spaces related to innovation.